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Mz. Nita's 


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Donita McGregory, Giving You a Sweet Fix

Do you love delicious treats? If yes, then you came to the right place. Mz Nita's Desserts is heaven to those who can't get enough of yummy goodies. From cakes to cookies, you'll find your sweet fix here.

Sweet Reviews

How It All Started

I have been in the industry for more than 17 years. When I was 8 months pregnant with my first son, I had a baby shower. A neighbor made a pound cake for the little gathering. I never tasted anything like it before. Sadly, no matter how much I begged her, she wouldn't make another one or give me the recipe. I just wanted the cake, and I almost lost hope when
she passed away.

Then, I thought maybe I could make it myself. So, I tried doing it on my own again and again. During the process, I was able to create my own flavor, and people started to like them. After that, I moved to Sheboygan in Wisconsin.

I just love baking. People kept asking me to bake for them and told me that there's a market for me. It wasn't a lot of money then, but John Michael Kohler Arts Center back in 2017 had me do a show. It was a local bakery – a large bakery on the other side. To my surprise, people went crazy and ate all of my cakes it was so awesome. Then, I went to the farmers market last 2019, and the response was still great.

Now, setting up my home bakery, I hope to reach out to more customers. I'm so excited to share my desserts with them.

Mission Statement

All I want is to put a smile on people's faces with delicious treats.

What Awaits You